Grunion Multimedia

VIDEO: Emily (age 5) Explains the Grunion

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View the update pages linked from the Grunion Home for grunion pictures.

Our Spokesmodel, Peter Heistand

Our Spokesmodel, Peter Heistand (click to enlarge)

Video/Sound Files

Closeup view of grunion spawning by Beth Tramontina, 2016.


Following is a video featuring our own Melissa Studer on the BBC.


Sea Star video, "Falling Stars"


Video clip of Will Rogers Beach taken by David Calvin April 26:
     For PC (1.3mb)     For Mac (3.6mb)

Video by Tara Speer Blank, early development hatching (streaming Windows Media file)

Newport Beach Grunion, 25 May 2005, by Craig Berry (974k wmv)

Grunion Magic, Seal Beach, 8 June 2005 (180k wmv)

Song by the Insect Surfers (13.2 meg)

Tribute to Bill Hootkins


The following video is by Tara Speer Blank. It shows the environmentally cued hatching events for a beach-spawning fish, the California Grunion, filmed in real time and then in slow motion frame by frame.


"Grunion Are Running" by John Lara, Laguna Independent (120kb)

"Grunion Are Running" by John Lara, Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot (click to enlarge)


"How A Dream Can Change" from Alora Yarbrough.


NOVA asks about grunion research

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